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Last Updated: 26/01/2017  
Author: Steph Rady, Marketing Manager    Tags: Free Online Valuation, Market Appraisal, Instant Valuation

Looking to sell or let your property? Great news, we now offer free online market appraisals with the launch of our innovative new tool. The tool provides a personalised valuation to users from the comfort of their own home - by simply filling in a few details about the home in question, Living in London’s expert property specialists promise to give you an honest sales or rental appraisal within 24 hours.

“Staying ahead of the curve is vital in business,” says Ben Miller, Director at Living in London. “Traditional estate agents who don’t adapt to new technologies get left behind. For a small agency, we pride ourselves in our marketing efforts and with everything moving online, an online valuation tool was the logical next step for us. In the lead up to our 15th Anniversary, we wanted to launch something that would put us on the map for people who may not have heard of us in SE16 and we think the valuation tool does just that.”

With a sleek design to reflect our state-of-the-art website, the tool offers nifty functionality including sliders and graphics that boast our striking colours.

“Opting for a personal valuation tool over an automated instant tool was a big decision for us,” explains Adam Miller, Director at Living in London. “We wanted to offer sellers and landlords the opportunity to find out the value of their home, while still providing the exceptional customer service we’ve become renowned for. We’re thrilled with the response we’ve had from the tool, receiving loads of really positive feedback from users who have then gone on to become clients.”

We’ve been busy promoting the tool across our website, social media and other marketing.

To try the tool out for yourself, click here.

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